Why Mercedes-Benz Vans?

  • What we stand for

    Reliable product quality.

    Thanks to our robust materials and high-quality workmanship, our transporters have the lowest down-time on the market.

    A collaborative relationship.

    We put all of our professional and personal skills into supporting our customers in a rapid and straightforward manner, ensuring that their business keeps running.

    Sustainable profitability.

    Low life-cycle costs and our environmental leadership prepare our customers for the future in every respect.

    Outstanding safety.

    Our vehicles' transporter-specific safety systems prevent accidents and keep our customers up and running at all times.

    Flexibility tailored to your needs.

    With our variety of products, purpose-built bodybuildings and perfect fleet solutions, we always offer the optimum tool for every job.

    Fascinating product concept.

    Our sophisticated vehicle concepts have a typical Mercedes-Benz design, facilitating the day-to-day business of our customers with their supreme functionality.


  • International Key Account Management

    The key task of our team is creating competitive and specific solutions for various sectors. We drive the development of innovative and tailor-made solutions. Our aspiration is to create an international van which is tailored to the needs of our customers. To achieve this, we are in control of our development departments, the concept phase and the testing of Mercedes-Benz vans.

    Our focus primarily lies on the product management of the vehicle, bodybuilder solutions and service solutions – worldwide and over the entire usable life of our vans. This gives us a unique advantage in international Key Account Management.

  • International Framework Agreement.
    One partner, many advantages.

    Your company stands to benefit internationally from an International Framework Agreement (IFA) with Mercedes-Benz. You enjoy more transparency worldwide and an optimised "Total Cost of Usership".

    The International Framework Agreement (IFA) combines all national agreements about vehicle orders for your company. The IFA guarantees tailored solutions and ideal conditions in every country in which your company is represented. Depending on the overall international potential, we have exclusive advantages for you. All of your national subsidiaries who have smaller fleets stand to benefit here.

    As a fleet customer, you benefit from the high standards of safety, quality and economy of Mercedes-Benz vans. With the International Framework Agreement (IFA), you can optimise your international fleet. The International Key Account Manager secures you worldwide access to our efficient network.

  • Total cost of usership.


    During the procurement of a vehicle fleet, the purchase price is often of central importance. But besides that, over the entire life cycle, further relevant costs are incurred which also need to be considered.

    The "Total Cost of Usership" takes into account the fixed costs as well as the running costs and therefore offers a very long-sighted basis for a purchasing decision. The most important TCU components involved are the purchase price (resale value is also included in this calculation), the costs for tax and insurance, costs for tyres, maintenance and repairs (wear and tear), as well as the fuel costs. Mercedes-Benz vans also prove to be highly reliable which subsequently has a great influence on the total costs.

    The most important components.

    Purchase price.

    When buying a van, the purchase price is of central importance. Equally decisive are its reliability and its suitability to enable you to be optimally supported in the specific requirements of your day to day work.

    Resale value.

    Thanks to their reliability, the vans from Mercedes-Benz have a high resale value. When selling a van, even after several years, you will get back part of your investment. This accordingly reduces the "Total Cost of Usership" to you.

    Fuel costs.

    A major cost factor during a van's lifetime is fuel. A difference in fuel consumption of just one litre of fuel per 100 km can lead to a five-figure saving.

    Tax and insurance.

    A van entails more costs than are initially foreseeable. In addition to the direct costs, the costs for tax and insurance must also be considered. Look in advance to see which insurance best suits your needs.

    Maintenance, repairs and tyres.

    Vans from Mercedes-Benz are highly reliable. That doesn't just offer you business security, it also saves you the additional costs of replacement vehicles, maintenance and repairs.


    Our comprehensive dealer network and the low downtimes of Mercedes-Benz vans guarantee you maximum availability. This leads to low overall costs and low organisational input on your side, so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.